Our plaques are a great addition to any poker game. They range
from 23 to 45 grams,making them much heavier than traditional
round gaming chips. However, you can 
still shuffle and  handle
them similarly to the traditional chips.

Rectangular  plaques are a favorite in Europe and for Asian
oriented games like Baccarat 
 and Mahjong. Larger plaques are
also popular for high-stakes poker games as well in 
style play because the plaques are easily visible on the table.
This is especially important for no-limit poker games. 

The Cut and Round Corner plaques both feature a recessed face that provides additional
longevity to the face of the plaque. They also feature a “sandwich” style edge as seen below
whereas the Business Card plaque can be printed with stripes.

    Sizes Available     
Business Card
     Cut Corner      Round Corner
Smooth Face
50.8mm x 88.9mm

 Textured Face
 48mm x 68mm
 57mm x 82mm
 66mm x 94mm
Textured Face
48mm x 68mm
57mm x 82mm
66mm x 94mm